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Stephen Evans, Chief Executive, Learning and Work Institute (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the latest insights in the development of trailblazer-led apprenticeship standards in meeting the skill needs of employers
  • Assessing the outcomes of the Institute for Apprenticeship’s ‘faster and better’ initiative to enhance the approval process for new employer-developed apprenticeship standards
  • Examining how employers can ensure success in the end to end process of developing new apprenticeship standards
  • Analysing how apprenticeship end point assessments and the external quality assurance process can be adapted to meet the needs of providers and employers
  • Understanding what effective collaboration looks like between employers and providers

Sir Gerry Berragan, Chief Executive, Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Evaluating some of the challenges of apprenticeship funding and delivery and how providers and employers can be supported in expanding the scale of apprenticeships
  • Assessing how non-levy employers and SME’s can be more effectively engaged in apprenticeship delivery to ensure diversity in provision across sectors and regions
  • Understanding how employers can harness the potential of apprenticeships to tackle skill gaps and support long term workforce sustainability
  • Analysing findings from providers and employers on the 20% off the job training component and considering how the quality of training provision can be enhanced to support skill development

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the progress of the apprenticeship reforms in growing the number of quality apprenticeships, and reflecting on how apprenticeship uptake can be expanded further up to and beyond 2020
  • Analysing the role of apprenticeships in expanding social mobility and enhancing skill development to meet the evolving needs of employers
  • Collaborating with employers and providers to expand capacity and review how the Apprenticeship Levy and wider reforms are able to meet the needs of different sectors and regions
  • Outlining the government’s new package of up to £450m to expand the ability for levy paying employers to transfer their levy funds to other employers, to support investment in training

The Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills, Department for Education (DfE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing how Ofqual monitor and regulate the design and delivery of end point assessments across apprenticeship programmes
  • Evaluating Ofqual’s external quality assurance role in collaboration with trailblazers and providers
  • Ensuring successful compliance with the end point assessment rules and guidance
  • Sharing findings from Ofqual’s technical evaluation of end point assessments to ensure assessment plans meet the needs of employers
  • Auditing how end point assessment organisers are mitigating risks around the capacity and capability of EPA assessors

Sally Collier, Chief Regulator, Ofqual (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the evolving role of Ofsted inspections and oversight of providers in the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to apprenticeship standards by 2020
  • Sharing how providers can ensure effective development of knowledge, skills and behaviours within apprenticeship programmes
  • Evaluating how Ofsted expect achievement and progression to be measured and demonstrated by providers
  • Understanding the key criteria in delivering an outstanding ‘off the job’ training component as part of an apprenticeship scheme

Chris Jones HMI, Specialist Adviser for Apprenticeships, Ofsted (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the role of the Office for Students as the new HE regulator with interest in all registered HE providers, including apprenticeships
  • A high level summary of the quality assurance approach for registered providers and apprenticeships specifically
  • Exploring learning from the Degree Apprenticeships Development Fund (DADF) and early degree apprenticeships take up
  • Evaluating how Degree Apprenticeships feature within the Office for Student’s strategic aims

Dr Brooke Storer-Church, Senior Advisor, Skills, Office for Students (OfS) (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the latest ESFA insights on promoting apprenticeships, expanding provision and ensuring successful engagement of young people in apprenticeship career paths
  • Discussing the transition to the apprenticeship service for employers and the future of apprenticeship funding post 2020
  • Identifying gaps in the provider markets and assessing how employer-led standards can be expanded further
  • Assessing the latest updates in the Review of Post-18 Education and Funding and the impact on apprenticeship delivery
  • Outlining findings from the review of the Apprenticeship Levy and how the role of apprenticeships can be enhanced within the post-2020 skills landscape

Anthony Knowles, Head of National Account Management (North), Apprenticeships Directorate, Education and Skills Funding Agency (CONFIRMED)

Hear from award winning apprenticeship providers and employers as they share their experiences and guidance in developing high quality apprenticeship programmes

  • Sharing lessons and solutions in the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to apprenticeship standards
  • Assessing how apprenticeship vacancies can be promoted to support long term recruitment to a scheme
  • Evaluating the funding band landscape for apprenticeship delivery and how providers can attract funding from employers
  • Understanding how providers can ensure training, content delivery and the formulation of a course meets the needs of employers

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (CONFIRMED)
Celise Newton, Head of Apprenticeship Delivery, HM Revenue & Customs (CONFIRMED)
Carol Corstin, Head of Training, Caring Homes Group (CONFIRMED)
Lindsey Daniels, Head of Business and Community Development, Craven College (CONFIRMED)

*Please note that the final part of the Conference will split into bespoke breakout streams for Providers and Employers*

*programme subject to change