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  • Sharing insights on ESFA’s policy on apprenticeships funding, the Apprenticeship Levy and the future funding landscape
  • Outlining the latest funding rules in the transition to the apprenticeship service for employers and updates on the funding system and apprenticeship levy for training and assessing apprentices
  • Assessing the different funding rules and regulations which apply to employers, providers and employer-providers
  • Exploring how the ESFA works in engaging employers and employer groups through the National Apprenticeships Service to increase participation in apprenticeships

Keith Smith, Director, Apprenticeships Education and Skills Funding Agency (CONFIRMED)

  • Evaluating the ongoing challenges of apprenticeship funding and how to ensure sustainable funding that supports the needs of employers and learning providers
  • Sharing the success of the new ‘Good to Great’ programme which has supported good providers in becoming great across five core areas of operation
  • Understanding how to meet employer demand for apprenticeships despite non-levy funding allocation falling short of needs
  • Exploring the AELPs 10 point sustainable investment plan to help increase the impact apprenticeships and skills training has on workforce productivity and social mobility

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining how Ofqual regulate and monitor the delivery of End Points Assessments through the life of the assessment
  • Discussing the role of Ofqual working in collaboration with trailblazers and providers to ensure they get what they want and expect from the assessments
  • Using lessons learned from the regulation of End Point Assessments to inform our regulatory strategy
  • Ensuring successful compliance with the end points assessment rules and guidance

Sally Collier, Chief Executive, Ofqual (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the role of the Office for Students and its responsibility for quality assessment of some apprenticeships including as the regulator for HE apprenticeships
  • Sharing the working arrangement with Ofsted in regulating level 4 and 5 apprenticeship provision and the progress of the ongoing pilot
  • Ensuring the quality of apprenticeships training provision from level 4 to level 7 through a risk-base approach to quality assurance and outlining how this process works in practice
  • Discussing and sharing lessons learnt so far in regulating level 4 to 7 apprenticeships

Brooke Storer-Church, Skills and Industrial Strategy Manager, Office for Students (OfS) (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing findings from the CBI’s report ‘Getting Apprenticeships Rights: Next Steps’ published in January 2019 and how the £5 million of funding for Apprenticeships should be used
  • Exploring how to meet the needs of employers by delivering apprenticeships which support better quality technical qualifications to support new routes and progression in the workplace
  • Outlining the need for a second phase of apprenticeship reform which should include a fundamental review of the apprenticeship levy
  • Ensuring the delivery of 4 key priorities: improving quality provision, ensuring an efficient standards development process, ensuring transparency in funding decisions and assuming responsibility for T-Levels

John Cope, Head of Education & Skills, Confederation of British Industry (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the findings of the Learning and Work Institutes recent report ‘Bridging the Gap: next steps for the apprenticeship levy’
  • Assessing the underlying flaws of the apprenticeship levy and how to prevent the over-spend of the levy in the future
  • Tackling the growing funding gap to ensure sufficient funding for employers and opportunities for young people
  • Exploring what changes need to be implemented in order to meet the government’s target of 3 million apprenticeships by 2020

Stephen Evans, Chief Executive, Learning and Work Institute (CONFIRMED)
Jennifer Coupland, CEO, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (CONFIRMED)

*programme subject to change

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